A fashion week is a fashion industry event where fashion designers display their latest collections in runway fashion shows to buyers and the media. These events influence trends for the current and upcoming seasons. The most prominent fashion weeks are held in the fashion capitals of the world; New York, London, and Paris. In this project we look at the impact that fashion weeks had on these cities by analysing Airbnb and Instagram data. Please scoll downn to learn more!

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LFW 2019 took place in London across two seasons: 15 to 19 February and 13 to 17 September 2019

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New York

NYFW 2019 took place in New York across two seasons: 8 to 16 February and 6 to 14 September 2019

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PFW 2019 took place in London across two seasons: 25 Feb to 5 March and 23 Sept to 1 October 2019

London Fashion Week 2019

London Legend

Instagram (density)

Airbnb (count)

Welcome to LFW 2019

London Fashion Week is a major event which attracts some of the biggests names in the business, including the Queen (!) who attended in 2018. Let's see what people got up to as they moved around the city!

180 Strand

Although LFW 2019 took place across many parts of the London, 180 Strand is the Headquartes of the event where the main catwalks and activity took place.

West End

The West End is London's most prestigious shopping and fashion districts. We can see that there was significant Instagram geotagged activity but very little Airbnb activity, which makes sense as it is very expensive!

Geotagged Instagram Posts

The bar graph below shows the total number of geotagged Instagram posts by date. We can see there is a strong peak in February and again in September.

Footfall data

We then created a visualisation to simulate a footfall map of people based on Instagram geotagged posts. Please click here to view the interactive version on the Instagram activity!

East London

The area between Spitalfields and Shorditch is a very popular place in London. It's where some of the more trendy and cool bars, restaurants and stores. As you can see there is quite of lot of Instagram activity and it also looks like fashionistas stayed there the most during LFW19 with high Airbnb occupancy.

Airbnb Reviews in London 2019

The line chart shows Airbnb reviews by date. Reviews skyrocketed during LFW September 2019, but that wasn't the case for Feb 2019. View the full graph here.

West London

There was very high Aribnb occupancy in the Paddington and Baywater area, however Instagram activity was low. It looks like a lot of the LFW19 activty was taking place in the West End and in Shoreditch!


This project was made by Tianxin Li, Zhenzhi Zhang, Vishal Kumar‚Äč in May 2020 for the CASA0003 Digital Visualisation (19/20 module as part of a Group Mini Project. Data was collected from Inside Airbnb, Instagram and Foursquare and then analysed using Python, Mapbox, Carto and D3.js. All the code for this project can be found at this repository on GitHub.

Fashion Week